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Case history
Milano Film Festival 2018
From September 29th to October 7th, the 23rd edition of Milano Film Festival will take place at ANTEO Palazzo del Cinema, at Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato and at BASE Milano.

Leaded by the new Artistic Director Gabriele Salvatores, supported by Alessandro Beretta - Artistic Director from 2011 -, esterni and the City of Milan are committed to reestablish a grown and renewed independent film festival, with international guests, focuses on new technologies e particular attention to the new generations.

It will be - as always - a week of feast for the whole city, where, thanks to a high level international cultural program, public space will also come to life.

To consolidate the Festival on an international scale and to bring Milan to be a new center for cinematography, esterni opens its project to new collaborations, ideas and resources, surethat only thanks to the combination of different forces and competences Milan can occupy the space it deserves within the national and international film scene.

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un posto a Milano / zona Porta Romana
From 2012, in Cascina Cuccagna you can find un posto a Milano, a meeting point for small and medium Italian farms. They are more than 100 and do costant research to improve the quality of our lives. We support their work and dedication through the REAL FOOD MILE by choosing high quality raw materials and seasonal ingredients, and supporting the renewal of our culinary tradition.

un posto a BASE / Tortona area
In via Bergognone 34, you can find BASE: a cultural innovation experiment we are part of, that gathers in the ex Ansaldo areas exhibitions, performances, workshops… and a bar with a kitchen in a line, which you can call un posto a BASE. An international place, where the raw materials are always seasonal - where possible organic and biodynamic - and the food is served in line (without cutlery) to involve all your senses.

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A festival a year long

MFN - Milano Film Network, realized thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo, combine the experience and resources of Milan's seven film festivals for a cultural offering throughout the year. Besides Milano Film Festival, there is Festival del Cinema Africano d'Asia e America Latina, Festival MIX Milano, Filmmaker, Invideo, Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Sport Movies & Tv Fest

esterni in Singapore

On March 2018 Lorenzo Castellini, co-founder of esterni, has been in Singapore to talk about the Public Design Festival at the Urban Design Summit - realized by Singapore Urban Design Festival 2018.

With him, Francesco Bombardi - the architect who designed for esterni Un posto a BASE, the bar with a kitchen "in line" inside BASE Milano.

Milano? La Citta' Di Esterni, Dal 1995

For our 20th birthday we have written a book, that is a guide to a city still to be built. Inside, you will find the history of a group of people trying to change the way to define cities and lifestyles, through public design thinking. Buildings, ruins and old farms, events, riots, projects and failures: 400 pages, more than 1000 photos. You can buy it on line here or follow the temporary shop of On printed paper

Palazzo Litta Cultura

There is a new cultural center in Milan: Palazzo Litta Cultura. A project by Mosca Partners and MiBACT that proposes a calendar of events, with music, theater, photography, design, cinema and visual arts. esterni cooperates at the programming of Palazzo Litta Cultura with the last frontiers of the audiovisual: experimentation and new forms, the results of a research that lasts for more than twenty years, and show no sign of stop.

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