Every project is new and this freshness derives from a constant and deep research on the international level, many active collaborations, a careful look at what happens in the world, and the ability to always have a challenging approach.

Team work, comparison and exchange are at the basis of the development and the management of the projects, committed to different working groups whose aim is to identify the needed competences (coordination, fundraising, communication, production, administration and control, programming etc.).

Open, public and hospitable offices represent esterni's working methods.

Since 1995 esterni offers high-level preparation and professionalism, as well as the ability to design complex projects even in short time and to find fast solutions to problems and unexpected events.

For every personal or entrusted project, esterni actively searches for public and private funds. Then, all projects receives are reinvested in new productions.

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*esterni è un marchio registrato dell'Associazione Culturale Aprile